My Little Pony games online

Cute ponies are one of the most beloved characters of girls. Each of them is beautiful, intelligent and has strong personality. That is why girls like so much to choose flash with ponies and play them. All horses live in the country Equestria, village Ponyville, ruled by two princesses - Celestia and Luna. Sometimes princesses conflict like day and night, but eventually realize that family ties are stronger and reconcile.

Each pony is an element of harmony and has its own artifact that in their hands has great power. Together all ponies are the strongest on the planet. Twilight Sparkle is responsible for magic, Rarity - for generosity, Rainbow Dash - for loyalty, Fluttershy – for kindness, Applejack – for honesty and Pinkie Pie is responsible for laughter and good humor. It is fun and informative to spend time with cute pony!