Equestria Girls games online

Heroes of Equestria became idols for many girls. It is very interesting to watch them, wait for new flash-games and cartoons series with their participation. Each of the six friends is a bright personality, so girls often identify themselves with one of the ponies. Twilight Sparkle likes to explore the world and meditate, Rarity - behaves affectedly, she is looking forward new TV programs and magazines about fashion. Fluttershy tends to order and when she sees someone who need help - she hurry to help. Applejack is very household and always calls for work, Rainbow Dash - bright and brave, teaches to achieve goals. Pinkie Pie gets involved in cooking, she likes to cook, eat sweets and treat other.

Every girl ideally should have all these qualities and then she will be harmonious, as Princess Celestia. Also, girls can play flesh-games with Sunset Shimmer, who stole Sparkles crown to use it for her own purposes. This girl realized what mistake she has done not immediately. Such behavior will teach each guest of the site to plead guilty, because many of us sometimes do not well and the main thing is to fix everything in time.